We are highly experienced acquirers and have learned to work quickly and confidentially. We won’t waste your time, or ours’, with endless analysis, spreadsheets and “tire kicking.”

As business owners, we are highly sensitive to the distraction inherent in the acquisition process and are dedicated to eliminating any disruption to a seller's business. Depending upon the size of a transaction, we can often close without the need for outside financing, dramatically simplifying and shortening the process.


A typical timeline from a recent privately negotiated transaction:

Week 1Execute Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Receipt of preliminary information/5 years detailed financial statements.

Week 2Discussions regarding preliminary information/financials.

Week 3Issue preliminary Letter of Intent (LOI).

Week 4Negotiate & issue final LOI.

Week 5-9Due diligence (no environmental audit required).

Week 10Closing.


Our Experience Includes